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About Us

Colorado Electric, Inc has extensive experience in electrical installation and repair. We strive to supply our customers with the highest quality service. It is the desire of Colorado Electric, Inc to conduct all activities of its business in a safe manner for the protection of our employees, other workmen and the general public. It is the policy of Colorado Electric, Inc to provide through its supervision staff, the necessary leadership to control the Company and to assure so far as possible safe and healthful working conditions for each and every employee. Choosing the right electrical contractor comes down to trust and is paramount to our client’s success. We believe that it is important to build relationships with our clients and to treat them like our friends and family. 

At Colorado Electric, Inc we approach each new client with the specific intent of creating trust. By consistently performing in a manner that distinguishes us from our competition, we demonstrate our planning expertise, provide the service we promise, and prove that our client is the most important member of the team.

Through innovative techniques, we can provide our clients with a complete, detailed analysis of the total electrical system. This approach allows architects and engineers the ability to review construction alternatives, generating the greatest cost-efficiency for the owner while maintaining the integrity of the original design.